Themed Thursday

(pics arnt mine unless otherwise stated....no credit to me)

Todays theme is Tea Cups!

This cool drawing of tea cups

These cute plush tea cups!! Adorable!!

This antique looking collection....I want!

These amazing tea cup cakes.....

....Are absolutely AMAZING!

I think I might try make my own tea cup candelabra for my dining room table :)

This lovely little stack of tea cups :) so quaint

I made my own one of these for my room....this is better though haha

These absolutely adorable baby animals in tea cups!! Awww! Too cute for words!

Another cool decoration I will be trying out :)

And another one, but might have to get my Electrician Uncle to help me with this one :P

Tea cups inside a bigger tea cup!....what will they think of next!!??

I just love the colours of these three tea cups :)


  1. Just fall in love with your blog, so much cute picture:)

  2. You just gained another follower! This is amazing >w<


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