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Whoa! I don't know whats happened to my days this week?! My Sunday post was on Monday and now my Monday post is on a Tuesday....luckily I don't have Tuesday post anymore (Tattoo Tuesday was just a silly idea...I have so many that I like that I'm just going to post them when I find them!) so come Wednesday all will be well in the world :D

I'm currently doing a 60 Books In A Year challenge on Goodreads...http://www.goodreads.com/...You set your own target and then it tells you how many you've read and how many to go and if you get behind it tells you how many you need to catch up...very good. But when your coming to the end of University and you realise you've done no work and then your dad has an operation and all spare time you used to have for reading vanishes, having 'your a bit behind, read 5 books to catch up' glaring at me in red letters...Its a bit intimidating!

So since I've now finished for the summer and I have yet to find a job I have lots of sunny days to fill with reading :)

So this week I read City Of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare.
I absolutely adore Cassandra Clare! The Mortal Instruments series is amazing and everyone I've recommended it to has loved it and recommended it to more people, so that has to be a testament to how brilliant they are....that is to say the first 3.

Now you must know that It is against every fiber of my book loving and loyalty to my favourite authors to say anything negative towards Clare, but I have to be truthful.
I was so disappointed.
Now I know lots of people really enjoyed it so this is just my own person opinion and I still think she is an excellent writer and YA author....but this was not the same Shadowhunter book that I had come to adore in the first three.

First of all and most importantly (because this is the reason I fell in love with the story so much)....Jace. Where was he? In the first three books he was cocky, and arrogant, annoyingly charming and down right gorgeous! But in COFA he was mopey, sullen, annoying on the verge of wanting to punch him in the face and I just didn't feel the same love as before....the spark was gone.

(Another reason for loving the first 3...) Magnus...Oh Magnificent Magnus...What happened to the crazy outfits, sequined pants, glittery hair and the cheeky winks? I kept waiting for him to say one of his famous one liners but...nothing.

The last major thing was editing...there were so many inconsistencies, spelling mistakes and such. Now I cant spell for toffee but in a published book that just seemed a little sloppy. The characters jumped from dark to light hair in a matter of pages. Very Unprofessional.

Things I loved where Simon and Isabelle. They were the best characters and the only ones that seem to not of had a personality transplant between COG and COFA (admittedly there story was stretched way beyond what it should of).

Clary. I loved how she came into her own a little bit more in this one. She still kept her vulnerability but Clare managed to mix in some kick ass Shadowhunterness too!

Page 300 and on. This was more like the first books! Action. Adventure. A little bit of 'oh my goodness that's disgusting!' and the twist at the end.

So over all a disappointment. The story dragged, the characters were not the same as the ones I grew to love....but...I enjoyed it.
Being back in that world. With those characters. At that time was what I have been waiting 2 years for and no matter how much it annoyed me and disappointed me...I would still recommend it to any TMI fan, because what more can you ask for than a continuation of this story...in any form?

So I look forward to the City of Lost Souls and hope and pray that Cassandra Clare take into consideration what most of the fans are saying and in the 2 years till it comes out...get the old band back together....either way I will remain a loyal fan and read anything to do with the world of the Shadowhunters.

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