Bookworm Monday

So this starts off a Monday thing im gonna call....Bookworm Monday!

I will talk about books Iv been reading, am in the middlle off or want to read in the future

This is more for my benefit than anyone elses as I love books and like writing reviews and have always wanted to keep a book journel
For all the books i've read and want to read you can add me as a friend on Goodreads (if you have it....if not get it...its awesome!)

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So at the moment im reading through the Harry Potter Saga.
Its one of my all time favourite book series and Its ment alot to me as i've read it pretty much my whole life.
Im on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire which is my favourite book (and film) in the whole series. I think I loved the book the best because it was the one before the Order of the Pheonix which wasnt that greatest so it has always stuck in my mind as the best one before it went a bit down hill :S
(and im not ashamed to say that its my fav film because of RPatz...hes just so cute)
Im only 1 chaper in but im starting to remember just how much I love it after not reading it for a few years.

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