All I need now is a pumpkin!

This week I've been feeling a bit down and out. I think its just the start of summer blues (yeah...weird I know!) I've just been so bored! Admittedly I get bored really easily as I have the attention span of a goldfish. But nothing has got me out of this funk! Iv been shopping and bought a beautiful, gorgeous dress (yes I know money and things don't make you happy, but I had to give it a go!) I went out on the town with my friends but that was the weekend dad was in hospital and I couldn't drink cause I was on antibiotics (not that you need drink at all to have a good time, I just wasn't really feeling it.) I've baked lots of cake (but the washing up after just wasn't worth the end result.) I went out for a lovely day walking round town with one of my best friends Beth which was just great :) I loved every minute of it from the charity shopping to sitting in the sun! But then I got home and was bored again. So my solution is....Get out more. Iv got in the habit of going to bed really late and getting up really late. So. Its bed early(ish) from now on! Up early to do a bit of my new exciersize video then actually do something with my day, instead of making a me shaped indent on the sofa.
I've cleaned out all my old clothes and bits of junk from my room in a bid to re-invent myself. This has been in effect for a while now and I keep saying that I'm going to start. But this time I will...I've already started on my room and material possessions, I just need to get started on the personal stuff now...I've grown up a lot in the last year or so which in a way is good, but I've lost my fun side and the exciting side which I really need to get back. I've become lazy and a slacker. I don't mean I'm going to go out bungee jump tomorrow (but that would be fun!) I just mean little things like, going for a walk round the park, or walk round to mums house instead of asking for a lift, and when she says no not bother to go round at all (awful I know!) Or drawing that thing in my head instead of just thinking about it then wondering why I haven't done any art in a while? Take a few risks and not worry about the consequences (not bad things just things that get your heart racing.)
I'll probably look back on this in a few months or years and say 'Gosh Holly look what you wrote there! But look at you, your still a slacker! Get of your bum you lazy sod!'

I really hope not though.

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