Sci Fi Sunday

This week I went see Thor twice!

Its such a good film. I thought It was a bit boring the first time round and It was very bright and gold so I had a hard time making it out but the second time round was great! I love the story and the characters (especially Heimdall the guardian sentry of Asgard)

Chris Hemsworth was really good as Thor. He reminded me a lot of Heath Ledger, His smile and his general look, hopefully he will turn out to be a promising actor like Ledger was turning out to be.

I thought Tom Hiddleston was great as Loki. I loved the character and was kept guessing about his role in the story. Im still not sure if he was truly bad or he just got it wrong unintentionally.

Natalie Portman was fantastic, as usual. I loved her normal girly side and glad we got to see that, as most of the films shes been in recently have been serious ones (haven't seen Your Highness yet)

I thought all the references to the other members of The Avengers was clever and the references to the Mythology behind Thor where nice to hear by those familiar to it.

The only problem I had really was the brightness of the film. It was very gold and yellow and the scenes set it Asgard where a bit too glare-y, but thats just my person preference (because I get headaches with bright flashy films.)

Over all the film was great. It was visually pleasing and the visual effects where fantastic! The funny bits made me laugh and I cant wait to see The Avengers now...But Captain America next!!

(I just realized I posted this on a Saturday...I thought it was Sunday....Fail!)

Saturday Shopping

I got my hair cut this week into a totally new style, so I've been looking for some new cute hair accessories. Here are some of the ones iv found that I love!



Themed Thursday

This weeks theme is Rabbits! Dad and Sarah have said they might get me a rabbit for for my 21st birthday so I've been shopping around and looking at my choices...

This beautiful bunny makes me 'awwww' every time

We have a rug like this in our front room....I think a rabbit suits it well :P

When ever an animal cocks it's head it makes it that much cuter

I love the colour of this little bunny...If I can have one of these I think I will!

This illustration is really good :) Love the drawing style


Love this little toy!

Look at his massive feet! So fluffy!

Soo doing that to my bunny rabbit :)

I think this might be photoshopped but I don't care its so cute

I love this breed of rabbit....I cant find one for sale around where I am though :/

Forget puppy love....bunny love!!

Weekly Wednesday

Things Ive Loved This Week....


I went to watch Thor this week, was rather good :) (will review on Sunday)


This Easter was a Unicorn Easter :) I got two Unicorns both from nana (not real ones obviously :P)


I went to Grandpa and Jennys this week and there were hundreds of lovely little lambs running around...so cute!

Kissing Gate

This beautiful sight made me go all gooey inside haha...I just thought It looked so romantic with the blossom

Walking In The Hills

I love walking in the hills and this week I got to do just that :)

Walking Bare Foot

I wondered round the garden this week bare foot in the sun and looked at all the ladybugs and dandelions


These gorgeous bluebells popped up in the garden this week. Was a lovely sight

Harry Potter

This week I finally finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! This makes me happy...


Bookworm Monday

Well this week I finally finished Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I think this has been the longest time it has taken me to re-read a book ever! Its one of my favorite Harry Potter Books and Films and I had completely forgotten how much is in this book. I'm re-reading all the books after just watching the films for a few years so it was like reading it for the first time again. I just loved it and it still made me cry when Cedric died and when Harry gets back from the graveyard...you just don't get that emotion in the films (not saying their bad actors. But books are better!) So now I'm onto Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! My least favorite and least read Harry Potter book but maybe ill like it now?

I also bought The Hunger Games series last week so I have that to read too. Will Probably read it after Order of the Phoenix as read The Half Blood Prince not too long ago.

But for now im going to enjoy my Orange Ice lolly while the sun still shines :)


Oh What A Magical Morning

This Easter I had my work cut out for me. It was one of the funnest Easters I can remember having though! I cooked my very first roast dinner, and I must say. It was divine! I cooked lamb, roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips, stuffing and gravy.

I was a little sad that I didn't get to go to church and celebrate but whilst I was peeling the potatoes I realised that I didn't need to go to church to celebrate Easter! So I waddled round the kitchen singing my own rendition of 'Happy Day' (I think I could of given Mr Hughes a run for his money!)

Nana came round later and helped me a little when I didn't know how to cook the parsnips :S and as usual when Nana comes to my house...all the tea towels seemed to disappear (She has a habit of hogging them all so when I need one I can't find one!) We did the customary 'egg swap' before lunch/dinner. The last few years I haven't got easter eggs because I just end up eating them all and I don't want to...so Nana always gets me a little teddy instead. But this year she got me these:


This amazing picture I saw in a little shop in the town the other week and I picked it out instead of a teddy.

This was in the shop also but I picked the painting instead, but Nana went back later in the week and bought it anyway :D My Nana is amazing!

So after lunch/dinner we all sat in the living room and watched Prince Of Persia.....with Jake Gyllenhaal (me and my Nana were drooling rather a lot hahaha)

So I had a very lovely relaxed Easter :) I hope you all had a good one too!

Sci Fi Sunday

New Harry Potter pictures were released this week!! It got me so excited for the movie in July!I'm literally bouncing of the walls I'm so excited!

Mr and Mrs Harry Potter!! there make up is so good but they look a little older than what I imagined them to be...they both look a little jowly.

Mrs Harry Potter with her two sons! Arn't they so cute!

Go Nevil! This is one of my favourite bits in the book! Nevil finaly makes his parents proud and shows everyone how amazing he is!!

Also this week saw the new series of Doctor Who come to our screens! I was so excited that I actually forgot it was on....So with the amazingness that is Sky plus and dads intuitiveness to set it to record, I sat down and watched.

Was a very good episode, and the aliens where super scary! I cant wait for the next part. I found myself not liking the Doctor though haha! I liked the older version of him and when the present day Doc turns up I didn't like him hahaha!


Saturday Shopping

Well this week (and for 2 years before that) I have been desperately wanting some wedges and all I can do at the moment is look longingly on the internet until my Student Loan comes through and wait to see what Mr Birthday Elf brings me. Here are some maybes that I've spied and tried some of them on too! The ones from next are looking promising and there super comfy (they have them in yellow too) but I love the pink ones from office too!

Im going to go on a shopping trip in May and have a goose at all the lovely wedges that will be coming out then :) Hopefully I'll snap up a bargain!

All I need now is a pumpkin!

This week I've been feeling a bit down and out. I think its just the start of summer blues (yeah...weird I know!) I've just been so bored! Admittedly I get bored really easily as I have the attention span of a goldfish. But nothing has got me out of this funk! Iv been shopping and bought a beautiful, gorgeous dress (yes I know money and things don't make you happy, but I had to give it a go!) I went out on the town with my friends but that was the weekend dad was in hospital and I couldn't drink cause I was on antibiotics (not that you need drink at all to have a good time, I just wasn't really feeling it.) I've baked lots of cake (but the washing up after just wasn't worth the end result.) I went out for a lovely day walking round town with one of my best friends Beth which was just great :) I loved every minute of it from the charity shopping to sitting in the sun! But then I got home and was bored again. So my solution is....Get out more. Iv got in the habit of going to bed really late and getting up really late. So. Its bed early(ish) from now on! Up early to do a bit of my new exciersize video then actually do something with my day, instead of making a me shaped indent on the sofa.
I've cleaned out all my old clothes and bits of junk from my room in a bid to re-invent myself. This has been in effect for a while now and I keep saying that I'm going to start. But this time I will...I've already started on my room and material possessions, I just need to get started on the personal stuff now...I've grown up a lot in the last year or so which in a way is good, but I've lost my fun side and the exciting side which I really need to get back. I've become lazy and a slacker. I don't mean I'm going to go out bungee jump tomorrow (but that would be fun!) I just mean little things like, going for a walk round the park, or walk round to mums house instead of asking for a lift, and when she says no not bother to go round at all (awful I know!) Or drawing that thing in my head instead of just thinking about it then wondering why I haven't done any art in a while? Take a few risks and not worry about the consequences (not bad things just things that get your heart racing.)
I'll probably look back on this in a few months or years and say 'Gosh Holly look what you wrote there! But look at you, your still a slacker! Get of your bum you lazy sod!'

I really hope not though.


crazy happenings

I have no idea whats going on but this weeks 'Weekly Wednesday' and 'Themed Thursday' are actually underneath the Starwars 'Sci Fi Sunday'....I have no idea how that happened and I'm too much of a novice to even try and put it right, so thats how its going to stay. Hopefully next week wont be such a muddle!


Bookworm Monday

Whoa! I don't know whats happened to my days this week?! My Sunday post was on Monday and now my Monday post is on a Tuesday....luckily I don't have Tuesday post anymore (Tattoo Tuesday was just a silly idea...I have so many that I like that I'm just going to post them when I find them!) so come Wednesday all will be well in the world :D

I'm currently doing a 60 Books In A Year challenge on Goodreads...http://www.goodreads.com/...You set your own target and then it tells you how many you've read and how many to go and if you get behind it tells you how many you need to catch up...very good. But when your coming to the end of University and you realise you've done no work and then your dad has an operation and all spare time you used to have for reading vanishes, having 'your a bit behind, read 5 books to catch up' glaring at me in red letters...Its a bit intimidating!

So since I've now finished for the summer and I have yet to find a job I have lots of sunny days to fill with reading :)

So this week I read City Of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare.
I absolutely adore Cassandra Clare! The Mortal Instruments series is amazing and everyone I've recommended it to has loved it and recommended it to more people, so that has to be a testament to how brilliant they are....that is to say the first 3.

Now you must know that It is against every fiber of my book loving and loyalty to my favourite authors to say anything negative towards Clare, but I have to be truthful.
I was so disappointed.
Now I know lots of people really enjoyed it so this is just my own person opinion and I still think she is an excellent writer and YA author....but this was not the same Shadowhunter book that I had come to adore in the first three.

First of all and most importantly (because this is the reason I fell in love with the story so much)....Jace. Where was he? In the first three books he was cocky, and arrogant, annoyingly charming and down right gorgeous! But in COFA he was mopey, sullen, annoying on the verge of wanting to punch him in the face and I just didn't feel the same love as before....the spark was gone.

(Another reason for loving the first 3...) Magnus...Oh Magnificent Magnus...What happened to the crazy outfits, sequined pants, glittery hair and the cheeky winks? I kept waiting for him to say one of his famous one liners but...nothing.

The last major thing was editing...there were so many inconsistencies, spelling mistakes and such. Now I cant spell for toffee but in a published book that just seemed a little sloppy. The characters jumped from dark to light hair in a matter of pages. Very Unprofessional.

Things I loved where Simon and Isabelle. They were the best characters and the only ones that seem to not of had a personality transplant between COG and COFA (admittedly there story was stretched way beyond what it should of).

Clary. I loved how she came into her own a little bit more in this one. She still kept her vulnerability but Clare managed to mix in some kick ass Shadowhunterness too!

Page 300 and on. This was more like the first books! Action. Adventure. A little bit of 'oh my goodness that's disgusting!' and the twist at the end.

So over all a disappointment. The story dragged, the characters were not the same as the ones I grew to love....but...I enjoyed it.
Being back in that world. With those characters. At that time was what I have been waiting 2 years for and no matter how much it annoyed me and disappointed me...I would still recommend it to any TMI fan, because what more can you ask for than a continuation of this story...in any form?

So I look forward to the City of Lost Souls and hope and pray that Cassandra Clare take into consideration what most of the fans are saying and in the 2 years till it comes out...get the old band back together....either way I will remain a loyal fan and read anything to do with the world of the Shadowhunters.


Little Lolly's Crafty Cake Blog

This is my other blog dedicated to craft and cake :) please follow that one too...specially if you want super duper yummy recipes :D


Sci Fi Sunday

Well Ive had a pretty busy weekend! Dad got back from the hospital so have been taking care of him :D

I have been meaning to start Sci Fi Sunday for a while now seen its one of my favourite things to read, watch, make and anything else you can think of! So even though its Monday and its a day late this is my first Sci Fi Sunday!! Iv dedicated this one to funny Star Wars pics that I've found whilst browsing the internet. Non of these pictures are mine. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did because I spent a good hour in stitches laughing at them! Look out for more Sci Fi Sundays about films, books, T.V shows, pictures and just about anything to do with Sci Fi :) Happy Geeking!


Weekly Wednesday

This week has been a little hectic. Dad went for an operation so he has been off his feet all week and me being a lovely daughter :P has been his person slave all week...haha its not been that bad...I've actually enjoyed looking after him...I think between Sarah and I we make a good care unit...but with Nana too I can imagine having three girls asking if your all right every 10 Minuit's getting very annoying!

So things I've loved this week....

My Doc Martens

I love my Doc's! Especially my boots....but its summer now and they've gone into summer hibernation.

My Clothes

Since I got back from Uni my room has been a mess and I finally put all my clothes away this week :D Look at all my pretty dresses!


To celebrate dads return I made his favourite....Lemon Drizzle Cake (recipe can be found on my other blog http://littlelollyscraftycakes.blogspot.com/)

The Fish

My fish are cool! Sadly the one the far left is a little poorly but I've been sat watching them loads this week (probably cause I'm slaving away in the kitchen and that's where they live :P)

My New Skirt

Isn't it beautiful :D My new baby. Luke bought it for me...It ends just below my knee and is rather poofy!


I haven't seen Flik in ages. So when I went to mums to cook her tea I played with her for a while.


My favourite tree is a Blossom tree and I'm lucky enough to have one in my garden and it bloomed this week! I hope the wind doesn't blow too hard so it stays there a tad longer.

Finally Finishing 2nd Year

I was so glad to finish 2nd year Uni this week. such a relief, but cant wait to start 3rd year now!

Dads Amazing Sunburn!

This is totally gross! Dad got a tad sunburned on holiday....LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT BEAST!