Loves Of The Week

Iv Decided to, every week, put up pics of things that iv loved or done each week....mostly to keep me taking lots or photos and becoming bored...and also so Im always putting SOMETHING up on here :)
Things I've Loved This Week...
Laughing With Friends
it was my best friends birthday and we had a right good chuckle!

Galexy Ripples, Fat Coke and D&G The One

Ive eaten SO many Ripples this week :S there just soo yummy! D&G was for christmas and only just started wearing it...smells like sweeties:D.....and I just love Coke :S

This will ALWAYS be in my Loves Of The Week! I just adore marmite and could not resist this marmite necklace!! From Reef in Preston...Defiantly made me smile on the inside :)

Taking Photos Of Yourself In The Mirror

Everyones allowed alittle vanity every now and then (not that I would call this a particualy vain photo...) I was bored while mum tried on clothes...so i was pulling funny faces in the mirror...as you do :P

Jack Wills Dresses
This absalutly FABULOUS dress is the handy work of the ever fustrating Jack Wills (College clothing my arse...I dont know one student that would be able to aford a pair of knickers for £20!) I just had to try this masterpiece on...realy wish I hadnt! I WANT IT!

Shopping With Mummy
I love shopping with my mum! Shes aweosme and just absalutly fabulous!

The New Starbucks Mugs

Finaly a mug of coffee isnt awkward to hold! Im sure there smaller but they are much more comfy to hold and a bit snazzier than the originals (still preffer the old ones though!)

More Next Week!

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