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So! This is the project im currently working on at Uni. Its all about identity and taking someones identity. I started out making Tin Foil casts of peoples faces and have developed it further through out the project. The idea came from a mini exhibition that we were given to do as a side project. My groups subject was 'Borrowing.' So I started to borrow peoples faces, there for taking their identity. I thought it was realy Intresting how even though each cast was a different person when grouped together you couldnt tell whos cast was whos. The main project focuses on taking someones identity in a way that you cant actualy identify them at the end of the process.

This is a shot of my studio space taken around half way through the project. Its just an overall view of what I had done so far.

These are the individual faces. There all different people and, apart from subtle hints, you cant tell them apart or distinguish certain people. Some are full faces (around the neck and head) and others are half faces (jus the eyes, nose and mouth.) I like half faces the best because they are more visualy pleasing, you get the ide that there trying to get out the Foil.

This is a half face (you cnat see it very well because the Tin Foils too shiny on the camera) This one is my favourite Foil face that I did. The mouth is open wide in a scream and you get the impression its realy trying to get out the foil.

This was two different people on one piece of Foil. I think it works realy well and it adds more to the taken identity becuase apart from the facial expressions you cant tell at all that there two different people. I did anouther piece too which was about a meater long and had about six people in it.

I was having a bit of trouble with the shinyness of the Foil. It was getting hard (when all the faces were together) to even discern a face at all because the light was reflecting too much. So I spray painted a few pieces of Foil and then cast faces with the colour. It worked in mattifying the Foil but it made it realy thick and was hard to get much detail and the paint started to flake off. This was a realy nice effect (maybe for anouther project) but it gave the faces too much character, which is what I was trying to take away.

I started to use Plaster Bandage (once id exhausted the Tin Foil) and I got a maniquins head and used that as a template. My idea was to make a mould and make a resin posotive. I had tried taking away the identity and now I started to want to put it back. I didnt want to be able to tell who the head belonged to becuause of the features but with the material it was made out of. My idea was to make ressin possotives and put items in the ressin that represent a certain person.

But that fell through! Ressin is waaay expensive (specialy for a poor student) So! My idea now is to make casts of the maniquin head but in different (cotton, nylon) material, with different colours, patterns ect.....Watch This Space :D

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