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Well hopefully this weekend I will be going to Memorabillia at Birmingham NEC! Its 5.30pm right now and need to kill 9 hours till about 1.30-2am to wait for dad to pick me up from Uni to take me home.....'so what will you do with your time?' I hear you ask....well, I have a plan! I have divised a survival pack with the specific aim to get me in the mood for this week end!! SO....here it is (and yes I was sad enough to arrange it in the perfect composition and take artifull photo...as I said 9 HOURS!!)

  1. A bag of Blueberry Jelly Bellys! my favourite is actually Blueberry Pie but they dont sell them sepratly :(
  2. A bar of Galaxy Chocolate already half eaten :S
  3. StarWars Comics got a little lost in the month between each one so gonna read them all again
  4. A tiny figurine of Boba Fett hes just cool!
  5. The complete Stargate boxset Im never seen without it! it is my baby and my pride and joy! I just finished it last night....time to start again!
  6. My trusty sketchbook you never know when inspiration strikes
  7. My favourite 0.05 fine liner This pen makes beautiful lines!
  8. My favourite F pencil Not too hard and not too soft :)
  9. The book im reading at the moment, Steve Eriksons Gardens of the Moon Good book! READ T!
  10. Galaxy Quest DVD Obvious choice when going to a convention! and one of my all time favourtie films!

This might just turn out to be one of the best nights ever!

(and of course I'll be taking my camera and snapping away so you shall see my little adventure to Birmingham....)

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