Comic Fair + Dad = AWESOME!

So this weekend has been waay crazy! Not in the hectic way just in a im-so-tired-im-gonna-pass-out-any-minuit kind way.

But let me take you from the start....

Thursday as you all know was my comic fair prep night, which just ended up me watching the Stargate film and the first disc of series one and falling asleep....pathetic I know. So dad picked me up way later than id thought so didnt end up sleeping till like 5am and had to get up at 10 to go meet nana in town.

Had a kinda job interview at cafe but didnt get the job cause I was too old haha! She didnt have enough money to pay someone over 17 the maximum wage...but she said to watch this space so hopefully (fingers crossed) Then went to Zumba with mum and Mary(aunty) in the evening which was hilarious! I got such bad stich and was laughing soo much! Mum looked so funny! I love Zumba only been twice but im hooked already! Stayed up preety late friday night watching LA Ink and Supernanny (go Jo Jo!) and snuggled with the cat....he was beeing super cute! Lying on his back with his paws over his face and looking at me. I think he flirts with me cause he definatly gives me sexy eyes hahaha!

Had a realy lazy day on saturday. I watched Krul, The Last Song and Harry Potter 2....again. The pigs came in too and we watched them have a run round the living room trying to get to the phone wires even though we barred it off with cushions, shoes and a laptop....they still managed to get through tho.....crafty little pigs!

I had planned on having a early night so id be nice an awake for Birmingham....then I went to bed and it all went wrong....I couldnt sleep so I do as I always do when this happens and picked up a book, and at 8am the following morning I put it back down again. Yes thats right. I didnt sleep. At all. (good book though...I read the WHOLE thing!)

Then.....We arived! I got a tad over excited and had to have a cup of tea and figure out the best plan of action. I kept running back and forth from stall to stall like a kid in a sweet shop.
I wanted to buy EVERYTHING!!
from the realy old action figures for like 5 for a £1 to the £750 Frank Sinatra sighned photo! It was just so cool!

Then I saw it....the most magnificent sight I had ever seen....


as you can see by my face....pure joy

Now obviously these arnt the realy SG1....preety far from in in fact they were quite rude :S but I can dream and they had a ZPM! and the costumes were well good! and it was just so cool...as you can tell because my smile is trying to come off my face.

So we had a wonder round and met some more cool people.

The Beautiful Boba fet....my all time favourite Starwars Character! Obviously it wasnt realy him but I was actually shaking here haha....he's a tad intimidating up close

The Stig....obviously didnt have much to say and had very sweaty hands! eeee!

A Tusken Raider...Was a teeny bit frighted of him! His mask was horrible and he made the sound and everything :S

Greedo! I just love Greedo and Im so upset hes not the films more...just the first bit for like 5 mins :(

Dad got a sighned photo and a pic taken with The Cat from Red Dwarf....he was very charming :)

And we went to a talk and met Dirk Benedict - 'Face' from the A-Team.

Then on the way out we hd to walk through a scanner like they have in the bars in Star Wars and the storm troopers where beeing gaurds and it beeped when I went through it so they were like 'excuse me mam are you a rebel spie? are you helping the rebels? do you have a lightsaber?' and loads of funny things like 'is there a ewok in your bag?' was hilarious! they made me take my bag off and walk through again and it beeped...took off my coat...beep...then they asked to take off my scarf and I was laughing so hard....then they said take of your shoes and then I walked through and it didnt beep so they said they had to confiscate my shoes.....was sooo funny! I went bright red! Then Darth Vader walked over and he was sooo scary!! I took a photo with him and he just stared at me didnt even speak...just breathed!! with his hand on my shoulder was SO scared hahahaha!!

Then the Stig and Darth Vader had a face off!! was so funny! then Boba Fet and the Stig!

I think Darth would win......

So that was that....a very eventfull very good weekend :) And these are my purchases of the Comic fair

A Stargate SG1 T-Shirt :DDD
I won an Unstoppable T-ShirtA collection of art postcards from one of my favourite artists who had a stall at the show
(and a suprise for my lovely Luke but he wont find out what it is untill I give it him :P)

(this has to be my longest blog and most wordy one....iv quite enjoyed writing it!)


  1. fantastic pictures Holly. We went Saturday and glad you got to go.



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