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This is the first book review since the re-vamp of the old blog....Im just going to review the books as I read them...so there not in any order and some might be realy old books im just reading again....

The Lost Saint is the second in a series the first beeing The Dark Divine. It picks up where the first left of and continues Grace and Daniel's story.

I read it all in one night and it was a very emotional read.

The relationship between Grace and Daniel is strained and falling apart and I found my self screaming at the characters (in my head) to just get over themselves and stop beeing such babies! So it was fustrating but I suppose that the book made me respond like that makes it a good one....

Its not amazing and its not a must read, but if you like teenage paranormal romance drama then definatly check it out. If youve read The Dark Divine and didnt think it was that good....this one is better.

(not an amazing review hahaha but ill get better!)

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