Anouther Step

  • This is one of my second year university projects...again it started out as beeing about the human figure...but the way I was painting at the time made them look realy fragile and wasted but realy powerful and strong...so In the end I focused on the hands and this is what I got...

This is SO out of proportion, but I like it...

(pencil on MDF)

This is a huge piece I did which filled a whole wall...I never finished it becuase to be honest I got realy creeped out by it and I had to stop and do something lighter and happier HAHA!! I'll probably go back and finish it off at some point...but I like how it is so far.

(acrylic on fabriano)
This is my studio space at University. Im very lucky to have a big space which allowes me to do big pieces. This is just to show how big the above hands were.

This is one of my all time favourite pieces. I love the colours and the marks and just the power that eminates from it....im so proud of this work and i'll probably keep it forever (unless anyone buys it :P hahaha)

(Acrylic on MDF)

This is the first drawing I did for this project...I like it but it wasnt realy going in the direction I wanted to go in. I think the charcole was a bit too much and to much white space.

(Acrylic and Charcol on paper)

This is anouther favourite. My first hand study I did for this project and I like the thiness of the paint and form and shape of the hand. I didnt end up finishing this...I like the way this looked and I didnt want to spoil it by over doing it.

(Acrylic and Pencil on paper)

These are some studies I did on falling people. I chose falling people because I thought the shapes they made were intresting and the muscles were intresting becuase they werent in their normal positions.

(All Fine Liner on paper)

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