Theres nothing a good model show...

This sunday me, dad and sarah went to crew to the anual model show. Was so much fun! I forgot my glasses tho (awww) so when I had to get real close to the models to see the detail, the guys showing them thought I was REALY intrested when actualy I just couldnt see a damn thing!!
Dad bought a model and I got a free one :) (cheers Chris)

We went to ASDA for lunch and we were just sat eating when a Storm Trooper walked past the window....I was so confused!! I looked outside and there stood in the little square stood Darth Vadar, 4 Storm Troppers and 2 Tie Fighter Piolets...was SO bizzar!! (aparently they go every year to the show...I thought Darth had come for some bread and milk!)

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