Anouther Step

  • This is my softer side...I love to craft and make pretty things...My actual art work is my outlet for my dark, twisted mind where as my craft is my happy jolly side. Its a nice balance and keeps me sane :)

Theses are just a few things when I bought a cool heart shaped hole punch and lots of scrap pieces of paper...

Theses are my minions...I was looking threw my sock draw a while back and came across a mound of old odd socks hidden at the back...so instead of throwing them away I have given them a second chance :)

Im one of those people who buys things for no other reason other than I might 'use it later' so obviously I had a stash of fake petals :) so I bought some craft wire used for flower aranging and made some fake flowers and used some cool buttons I found for the center.

I made these for my friends birthday. There so fun to make! A bit fiddly but great for just using up all the scarp bits lying around :)

I was feeling particualy cheerful whilst doodling theses blossom trees...there just the backs of greetings cards with fine liner.

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