Anouther Step

  • These are personal works inspired by my favourite quotes, songs, books, films and anything that has inspired me.

This is from one of my favourite quotes. I dont know who said it but its always stuck with me 'Life isnt about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain' I cheated on this one a bit becuase that it actualy a black and white picture and I just did the background...but I just thought It looked better that way :)

(Mixed media on paper)
I cant remember if i made this up or if it was a real quote 'Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finaly feel it' I used very thin acrylic and drew over the top...simple :)

(Acrylic and Pencil on paper)

This is taken from a 30 Seconds To Mars song called The Kill (Bury Me) the line is 'This is who I realy am' The graphic on the side is actualy taken from a tattoo I have so I suppose this was intended to be a self proclemation.

(Ink, Fine Liner and Charcol on paper)

This was actualy a comision :) my cousin was decorating her room and she asked me to do her a painting. Shes very girly and a bit of a hippie, the butterflies are 3D and from a garland that I cut up and sewed them to the canvas.

(Acrylic, Charcole and Mixed Media on canvas)

This is an illustraion (my adaptation) of the main character Clary from my favourite book series The Mortal Instraments. I went too far on this piece I put a realy faint was of ink over her skin and I wish I hadnt, you cant realy tell but I still like it and I love what it represents.

(Acrylic and Pencil on paper)

I admit...Im a Twilight fan...this is supposed to be Bella and Edward....but it doesnt look anything like I think they look or the movies so it could just be two people going in for a kiss...but yeh, was feeling very romantic that day and had just finished reading Breaking Dawn for the upteenth time.

(Pencil and Ink on paper)

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