Anouther Step

  • These are just random drawings and pictures I've done over time, these are a bit darker and more sinister than the college/university stuff....Guess it shows my darker nature :P

This one is of the war in heaven when Satan fell...my first abstract piece...not sure if i like it yet, but its nice to look at...if a little dark.

(Acrylic on canvas board)

This is actualy a college piece but they hated it and I loved it so It goes in the Misc. pile. It was the final piece to the extreme human bodies project. It represents societies dependants on machines and there constant strugle to survive and obsession with living forever...and what resulted was this wierd human who had replaced half his body with machine so he could live forever. I dont realy know where the wings come in apart from the fact that If I could have any super power it would be to fly...and the bloody bits actualy felt like scabs because I mixed the paint with sawdust!!
(Acrylic, Sawdust and Feathers on canvas)

I dont realy know what this piece is about but I did it when I was obsessed with blood and skulls and death so pretty obvious what was going through my mind....but depressingness aside, its always been a favourite.

(Acrylic and Pencil on paper)

This was done in High School! Just when I started to take Art more seriously and I would carry round a tiny little sketch book and any ideas I had would go straight into this little book. This one has stuck with me since then and Im quite proud of it :)

(Felt Tip and Fine Liner on paper)

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